In Summer 2021, I was an Associate Instructor for the course "Economics of International Migrations" (ECN 117) at the University of California, Davis.

During my first three years at UC Davis (2017-2020), I was a Teaching Assistant for the following courses in the Department of Economics:

  • Principles of Microeconomics (ECN 1A), Prof. Scott E. Carrell, Spring 2020 and Spring 2019

  • Economics of International Migrations (ECN 117), Prof. Santiago Perez, Winter 2020 and Fall 2019

  • Intermediate Micro II (ECN 100B: market failures), Prof. Brendan Price, Fall 2019 and Spring 2018

  • Intermediate Micro (ECN 100A: consumer and producer theory), Prof. Andre Boik and James Bushnell, Winter 2018 and Fall 2017

  • Intermediate Macro (ECN 101), Dr. Derek Stimel, Winter 2018

[Students evaluations as Instructor]

[Student evaluations as Teaching Assistant]